Counselling for Adults and Young People in Taunton-Somerset.


Hello my name is Denis,

Sometimes it can feel like life is getting on top of us, making it hard to cope. But I am here to help. I offer individual One-to-One Counselling and therapy for Adults,Young people and Students from age 13 to 99, in Taunton- Somerset. I offer counselling and therapy for a wide range of issues including grief, stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, finding meaning and purpose in life, transitions, sexual and relationship issues, spiritual growth, personal development and more.


I am a fully qualified integrative counsellor and I offer short and longer term counselling in a safe and confidential environment. I offer both early and late night slots or weekends appointments on request. I currently work in a private school and in my own private practice.

Other work experiences:

Prior to becoming a therapist, I trained as a teacher, but also enjoyed a long and successful career as a youth worker, support worker, music instructor, charity worker and several other roles. I offer counselling and therapy for  a wide range of people of different ages, cultural back grounds, races and social backgrounds. I have special interest in diversity in counselling.

Why am I a counsellor?

Counsellors are human and I am no exception – I have daily struggles just like anyone else. After suffering a series of personal challenges, I was looking for a new path and change in career. I decided I needed to go to university to study counselling

What is my counselling style?

Counselling with me centres around listening to you and supporting you. Counselling can help you gain an understanding of ourselves; how you behave, and how your past experiences effect who you are today. Exploring your thoughts and feelings can help you understand your distress, gain empowerment, build confidence and help you deal with the challenges you face.

I don’t pass judgement on what you have done (or what you haven’t done) and I work with you to get to where you want to be in life.

My professional membership:

I am a registered member of the British association of Counselling and Psychotherapy ( BACP). I bide by its code of ethics and professional practice. As a result, I attend regular supervision which further enhances the safety and effectiveness of my work.  I have a clean DBS and I am fully covered by Professional Liability Insurance.


Abuse / Addiction(s) /  Anger management / Anorexia  / Anxiety /  Bereavement / Bullying / Depression / Disabilities / Domestic violence / Drug abuse / Eating disorders / Emotional abuse / Gambling / HIV/AIDS / Hoarding / Internet addiction / Learning difficulties / Low self-confidence /  Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) / Phobias / Postnatal depression / Pregnancy and birth /  Relationship issues / Racism/ Self-harm / Sex addiction / Sex problems / Sexual abuse / Sexuality / Smoking / Spirituality / Stress / Suicidal thoughts / Trauma / Work related stress

Creative therapy workshops
Creative therapy workshop











Your choice to see a therapist is a brave and important decision. Remember that you will be talking about personal issues and you need to feel that you will be able to do this with me. I believe myself to be professional, friendly, gentle, good listener and supportive. If you feel that my way of work suits you then please get in touch so we arrange an initial session where we can discuss your needs and you can decide if you would like to work with me. See my contact page for details.

I hope that you will choose me, but if you don’t please remember to check that your counsellor or therapist is qualified, belongs to a professional body, adheres to a code of ethics and is properly insured and supervised.


All you need to do is contact me to let me have a few details, or you can ask someone you trust to do this for you


Denis Victor,

Fda Integrative Counselling,

Registered MBACP

+44(0)7561 725262


To contact me now, CLICK on the link bellow.



If you decide I am not the right person for you, these links take you to some on-line therapist directories:  NCSBACP, and UKCP