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I offer affordable personal counselling for in Taunton and Somerset. Contact us today to request an appointment.


Affordable personal counselling

Modern life is sometimes too demanding and we can easily forget what matters to us or we get caught up in old patterns which may restrict us. We sometimes carry baggage that may cause us distress in the long run: we end up compromising the things that are important to us in relationships, at work or with our children.

If something has happened to you, then talking about things can help. I will listen to you: I won’t judge you, I won’t tell you what to do and I won’t give out any personal information if you don’t want me to (unless in exceptional circumstances). What I will do is try to help you explore your feelings and make positive decisions for yourself.


Is what I say kept confidential?

Yes. I will only ever share what you say with another person if I have reason to think that there is a risk of serious harm either to you or to another person. I will explain our confidentiality policy to you at your first session.


What is the cost?

I offer an affordable rate, please use this link to see Our Price page.

How many sessions do I need to attend?

You and I will talk about the number of sessions you feel will be helpful. I will never pressure you to have a set amount of sessions, that is entirely your decision.


When and where will the counselling take place?

Counselling takes place at counselling rooms in Taunton or Exeter. I have counselling availability in the day or evening, and at weekends, so you can usually choose the best time to suit you.


Ready to give it ago?

Get in touch to book your first session.


For a prompt appointment, call or text: 07561725262. I may be with a client or otherwise occupied, in which case please leave a message with your contact number. I will respond promptly. E-Mail: Or use the contact page to send me an email. Follow us on Facebook, YouTube
All messages left, whether voicemail, text or email will be dealt with in strict confidence. I aim to respond to all voice messages/texts/emails within 24 hours.