Therapeutic Client Confidentiality

We maintain the highest degree of Therapeutic Client Confidentiality and we will not usually disclose any information unless you specifically request for it.

There are some circumstances in which we are unable to keep confidentiality and are required to report our concerns to the appropriate authorities: if we believe that someone is at risk of harm, this could be the client or someone else, a child, another vulnerable person or the counsellor.

If you (the client) tell the police, or a legal representative, that you have engaged in counselling, we may be required by law to release information about you, including any session notes.

We are required to pass on to the police information regarding money laundering, drug trafficking or harm intended to other people through the planning or carrying out of terrorist activities. If this happens, we will try to seek your written consent and involvement wherever possible.

Our aim is to balance your need for privacy and confidentiality with our professional, ethical and legal responsibilities.

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